P1: Prometheus

01 / Biotech

Our flagship, Project Prometheus, aim to make Elysium the world leader in biotechnology. We develop completely new types of drugs by using phages and mRNA in immunomodulation. The mission is to cure cancer and heart diseases.

02 / Nanotech

Nanotechnology makes us capable of bio-augmentation to assemble the right components for our drugs. The de novo synthesis of every drug is revolutionized to make them more effective, safer and easier to scale in production.

03 / Quantumtech

We strive on keeping a tight collaboration between us, our caretakers and the patients. The useful feedback we receive from our partners are send through AI-powered algorithms to be distilled for insights.

Gene Therapy  | Phage | mRNA
Science Lab


01 / Drug discovery

Project TRON is our division for drug discovery by using computer simulations. We are constantly pushing the digital boundaries for drug discovery by making physical experiments into software. This make our pipeline extremely lean.

02 / AI Qubit

Pushing terabytes of data through tensor cores require 'beyond human capabilities' to refine. Therefore, we rely heavily on AI to help us understand and make decisions. We refer to this teamwork between us and AI as extrapolated intelligence.

03 / Cognitive

A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing tells the story better than visualization. We use out of the ordinary graph databases to show nodes, labels and relations. A cognitive network like Neo4j Bloom provide us with immediate results.

Lean | Automate | Fast-track
Analyzing Graphs


01 / NGO

Samsara started in 2020 during the coranavirus crisis. We support freedom of speech and provide aid for frontline health workers. Besides being in the frontline we also make sure our tech and approach is sustainable for the planet.

02 / Unite

Our data is carefully anonymized and shared to the public. It is time for people to unite. Researchers should break down silos and not be afraid to speak up while the media should not spread fake news or unnecessary fear.

03 / For all humanity

Health is the foundation of a happy life and everyone deserves to be healthy. People have an instrinsic motivation to be altruistic and solidary but we may not always notice it. Samsara aims to reveal the good sides of human beings.

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