Q: What is the tl;dr (short version) of Elysium?
A: We are a biotech company specialized in gene therapy.

Q: What kind of people do I find at Elysium?
A: Elysium is a unique place where we help each other towards a world without unnecessary suffering. Although, we are a diverse tribe you might find people a bit introvert, calm and quiet but knows how to have fun — Just think back on the nerd in your class that got a sip of alcohol. Therefore, Elysium has three distinctive features that makes us stand out:

1. No corporate BS: We do not engage in workplace politics nor strict hierarchy.

2. No pseudo-work: Finished work at 1 PM? Go home. Do not stay to impress or prove yourself to anyone. We are not in the 80s anymore — Punch cards are out.

3. No buzzwords: Not throwing around fluffy words unless you understand the true value of it.

Q: I want to join Elysium. Where do I sign up?

A: We are currently not recruiting for our core team as our policy has always been to find talent and not let talent find us. However, there are some minimum requirements:

1. Masters degree or PhD (preferred) in STEM.

2. Run a 5K on the track in under 20:00 minutes.

3. Do 35 burpees in under 2:00 minutes right after the 5K test.

4. Proficiency in Python and Javascript.

5. Maintain a low and humble profile.

Along these requirements we also do test for IQ, EQ, simultaneous capacity and semantics. Expect the journey to take 3–6 months with a final 7-day event. Each candidate is expected to give their maximum efforts at all times and only the best will be extended an offer.