Peter Tran

Founder | MD | PhD

Graduated MD 1.5 years faster than normal. BSc in nanoscience and a one-year MSc in nanomedicine. During PhD; Passed Navy Seals selection, 3 grants, research exchange to Manhattan, VA-internship in BCG, published in FASEB and conducted clinical trials for Novartis. Former NC in powerlift.

Tanja Skrba

Co-founder | MD | GP

Graduated MD 1.5 years faster than normal. One of the youngest in DK to qualify for residency. Research exchange to Manhattan. Co-authored books. Helped refugees in Red Cross. Core member of The Family Physician Association and a strong influencer for digital health. Former elite swimmer.

Michael Madsen

Senior Advisor | MD | PhD

Graduated MD 1.5 years faster than normal. Master of Public Health from Harvard, MSc in finance from LSE and BA in philosophy. Graduated magna cum laude. Worked in Bain & Co. for 4 years and in RAND Corp. Specialist training in psychiatry. Passionate and experienced Tango aficionado.